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Citizens’ Satisfaction in Service Delivery of the City Governments in Bangladesh


Given concentration of urban populations in Bangladesh, it is natural to expect increased interaction between citizens and city government. The statutes establishing such bodies, as well as the national right to information law require them to disclose information proactively. The previous studies found gap between what the local governments deliver and what the citizens demand. This study intends to assess the theory and practice of voluntary information disclosure in the corporation and assess citizens’ satisfaction over the services. The methodology of this research entails both qualitative and quantitative that utilizes reviewing existing study documents, the constituting laws and rules, documenting the kinds of information displayed, interviewing officials, and also interviewing city dwellers at the household level. There are certain sections in the corporation’s law to publish and publicize their activities. The officials still feel hesitant and seek permission from the higher authority to disclose information to citizens. The corporate officials report to the ministry in the way they want, not to the citizens. Very few citizens know about the planned activities of the corporation. The corporation does not have provision for and require the local branch offices to prepare and propose a budget locally. While giving opinion on how the corporation can satisfy the citizens, most of them indicated lack of information of what the corporation does and would do. However, information seeking, i.e., service seeking attitude is building with the passage of the right to information law, and citizens feel that their access to services from city government could also be improved.   


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DATED: Monday, 21 July 2014 10:46
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