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Pakistan Senate recommended amendments

A committee of the Pakistan Senate recommended amendments to the draft Right to Information Bill 2013 aiming to improve and ensure dissemination of information to the people. After much debate, the committee abolished the provision which had left the authority to implement the RTI law in the hands of the executive, despite passage in the parliament. The committee noted that ample time be given to the government departments to create the infrastructure for prompt dissemination of information. Due to the voting, nongovernmental organizations receiving government funds were to be included in the scope. The eligibility criteria for being a Commissioner would now include - a retired senior bureaucrat, a former parliamentarian, person having a known public service record including a media professional was noted. Changes in the removal process of the chairman of the information commission were also recommended. The modified bill was referred to both houses of the legislature for approval.

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DATED: Monday, 21 July 2014 15:47
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