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CHRI's preliminary analysis of Open Datasets relating to the offence of Rape from NCRB's compilation

CHRI circulated their preliminary study of a crime-related data set that the Government of India has made public as part of its Open Data Initiative. That study focused on atrocities heaped upon some of the most vulnerable and marginalised of communities in India known as the Scheduled Castes or Dalits.
Despite declining membership of the Open Government Partnership, India has made some advances in making a lot of information about its working public through its Data Portal - This is proving useful to us in civil society in many ways.
We at CHRI believe that Open Data is as good as the use to which it can be put. I have attached a preliminary report of our study of dataset relating to the crime of rape against women. This is part of our endeavour to show the potential of Open data for civil society to hold governments accountable for their performance using officially disclosed information.
You may access a media report highlighting some of the findings at this link:
 The media story has generated hundreds of comments from Netizens interested in developments in India across the globe. I am glad that we are able to use Open Data in a manner that ignites public debate on issues of law and order and the State's/society's treatment of women. To read the whole story "Open Resources".
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DATED: Monday, 28 July 2014 16:33
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