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Maldives sets timeframe to propose revisions to RTI Act regulations

Timeframe set to propose revisions to RTI Act regulations

Fathimath Aruma, Haveeru Online
Oct 08, 2014 - 03:49
  • Information Commissioner Abdul Aziz Jamal Abu Bakr: Opportunity to propose revisions open until next Saturday. PHOTO/MAJLIS

A timeframe has been set during which revisions can be proposed to regulations under Right to Information (RTI) Act.

Information Commissioner Abdul Aziz Jamal Abu Bakr said on Wednesday that opportunity to propose revisions was open until next Saturday; and that revisions can be proposed via phone, email, or fax.

The Information Commissioner said that he had provided media the opportunity to provide their input to the regulations, even before they had been compiled; and said that he had not received much cooperation on that occasion. But revisions can still be made, even after regulations are set in the gazette, he said.

“Regulations have to be set in the gazette before 22nd of this month. Revisions can be proposed even after that, if desired,” he said.

He said that regulations had been compiled in such a way that it demanded information from State institutes, as much as was possible.

The regulation under revision states that requests for information had to be honored as stated in the regulations, within three weeks from request. Requests for information for protection upon danger to an individual’s independence or person, have to be honored within 48 hours.

The regulation also states that information has to be released the way requested by the person(s) requesting information.

RTI Act sets boundaries within which information can be requested and obtained in order to increase transparency and answerability of State in all their activities; and provide opportunity for all citizens to obtain information safeguarded by State institutions.

The aim of the Act include establishing the right to obtain information from State institutions; and encouraging the publication of State institution information as much as possible.

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DATED: Thursday, 09 October 2014 14:42
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