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The story behind how Pakistan made Tax Data Public

Dear Members!

Mr Umar Cheema stands out as an outstanding journalist in Pakistan to make tax data public. Pakistan has become 4th country (after Norway, Sweden and Finland) that made tax data public. 

Please find an attachment summarizing Mr Cheema's tax work, debate on it in British Parliament, challenges in the way, its impact and finance minister's acknowledgement in a telephonic conversation with him. He also run twitter account (@TaxPakistan) and Facebook page (TaxPakistan) for awareness about taxes of who's who.  
Ref directories, please open this link of Federal Board of Revenue: 
There, you will find: Parliamentarians Tax Directory and Tax Directory of All Taxpayers. Both of them contain foreword from finance minister declaring the publications in a bid to set high standards of transparency. 
His tax reports are on the website of Center of Investigative Reporting in Pakistan.
Report on MPs'  2011 taxes:
His work in this respect has also been ranked among top-10 'high-impact' global investigations:
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DATED: Thursday, 08 January 2015 09:56
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