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Democracy Vibes

Greetings from Pakvoter!

Pakvoter is web portal that provides information about voter and civic education. The purpose of this web-portal is to provide research based information and resources about electoral processes of Pakistan to various stakeholders including voters, politicians, researchers, teachers, parents, and marginalized groups like women and persons with disabilities. ‘Democracy Vibes’ is monthly newsletter on pakvoter that covers significant news of the month related with electoral processes of Pakistan. The newsletter also briefly describes some of the significant content on pakvoter. In addition, Pakvoter carries material in different sections given as under:

  • Legal framework of electoral process; Election history and political process in Pakistan, constitutional right to vote; and political inclusion of marginalized such as women, minorities, PWDs;
  • Development of constituency database (A Google Mapping), profiles of politicians, political parties, manifestos, leadership and electoral participation;
  • Voter motivational material in the form of videos, documentaries, animations, and posters;
  • Resources for parents to educate their kids about electoral processes and governance at home;
  • Resources for teachers to educate their students about electoral processes and governance in their classes;
  • Resources for organizations interested in voter education;
  • Resources for voters, development professionals, and election observers;
  • Democracy fun learning games for youth, democracy newsletter, and democracy blogs and much more.

Visit for newsletter and subscription. Pakvoter welcomes blogs writing and comments for pakvoter.

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DATED: Monday, 09 March 2015 15:08
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