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Commissioners Concerned About Challenges to RTI

Thirty-five information commissioners from 25 countries, meeting April 21 in Santiago, Chile, “expressed concern” regarding “some important challenges” to the right to information.

In particular, the commissioners identified:

The continuing inequalities that limit the right to access information for all citizens,

The deterioration of the right to access information because of the approval of legislation and public policies contrary to that right,

The weakening of the right to access information through the use of new technologies,

The lack of adequate funding, support and maintenance of the organs of supervision.

The commissioners urged governments, civil society organizations, the international community and citizens “to remain vigilant and work together to protect, promote and strengthen an effective right to access information.”

The conclusions, described in a resolution, were arrived at during the Ninth International Conference of Information Commissioners (ICIC). The presentations during the conference, mostly in PowerPoint and in Spanish, are here.) The commissioners held a private session at which working groups considered four topics and generated a variety of recommendations.  The resolution has not yet been officially issued pending signatures.

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DATED: Tuesday, 28 April 2015 11:22
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