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Exploring Transparency in Pakistan: A Review of Annual Reports

Significance of annual report/year book cannot be denied as it highlights the activities, accomplishments and

performance of an organization / department for the previous financial year. It is also an authentic source of

information for the general public. Annual report/year book is considered as an important tool to ensure

transparency and accountability in Pakistan as under Rules 25 and 26 of Rules of Business 1973 (Federal

Government) Revised, it is mandatory for all public bodies (government ministries/divisions/departments) to

prepare their annual report/year book covering details of their targets, activities, achievements and progress

during the preceding financial year for the information of the Cabinet and general public.

Above in view, publication of annual report/year book and placement of the same on websites by the respective

public bodies is also recognition of the citizens' Right to Information (RTI) in the country. By doing so, citizens

are able to monitor the work of government bodies and contribute to their transparency and accountability in

order to enhance good governance. Article 19-A of Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973

recognizes Freedom of Information (FOI/RTI) as a fundamental right of every citizen.

In this backdrop, Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan (CRCP) conducted a preliminary research study

focusing broadly on the following two aspects:

· Desk analysis/review of availability of annual reports/year books and information related to FOI/RTI

laws on websites of government ministries/divisions/departments.

· Content analysis of the annual reports/year books for year 2012-13 as per key features of international

best practices.

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DATED: Wednesday, 29 April 2015 10:47
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