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UK Prince Memos Released; FOIA Changes Threatened

As the British public finally got a look at memos sent by Prince Charles to government ministers, the re-elected Conservative government indicated its intention to tighten control of the freedom of information law.

The release of the royal memos culminating a 10-year legal battle fought by The Guardian newspaper, which finally got to describe the memos:

The letters reveal that Charles lobbied ministers, including the former prime minister Tony Blair, on a wide range of issues, including agriculture, the armed forces, architecture and homeopathy.

During the long legal tussle, decided only recently by a Supreme Court ruling (See report), Parliament approved an absolute FOIA exemption for the royal family.

The ruling in the case challenged the government’s use of the so-called ministerial veto, saying that ministers could not overrule decisions of the courts or tribunals merely because they disagreed with them: they needed particularly strong reasons for a veto.

An official representing the Prime Minister said May 13 that there was a “strong case” for beefing up the veto provision.


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DATED: Friday, 15 May 2015 10:15
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