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The draft bill on right to information will be presented to parliament.

he President added  that he took measures to curtail executive presidential powers according to the mandate given by the people.  The present government is based on good governance.  The Draft Bill on the right to information will be presented  to parliament shortly.  According to the existing law of the country there will not be any room for the resurgence of  terrorism.  No person will be allowed to erroneously use the democracy and freedom.  The government will constantly appear for freedom and territorial integrity.  Investigations will be conducted through a local mechanism, which complies with the basic law and other laws of the country to inquire into issues that arise regarding human rights.

 This mechanism is scheduled to be commenced next month.  The President added that   the intelligence division has established the fact that the LTTE flag was not hoisted although the former  President has made accusations in this regard.  The SLFP is ready face the next general election.  Responding to a query raised by a media person,  the President further said that investigations are being conducted on the discussion that took place on the 8th of January at the Temple Trees.


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DATED: Thursday, 21 May 2015 11:06
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