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Court decisions

In this section you will find a compilation of landmark FOI/RTI decisions and judgements delivered by the Supreme Courts and High Courts in South Asia. You will also find select judgements from regional and apex courts in other parts of the world.

SummaryIf the contents of the attachment to this mail are indeed what has been filed before the Registry of the Apex Court the narrative makes for very interesting reading. Paras ‘xvii’ – ‘xxii’ narrate the haste with which the Court took up this matter. Paras ‘T’ and ‘U’ in the Grounds section of the review petition indicate how the arguments and contentions filed by the Central Government do not find any mention in the judgement. All in all the review petition seems to cover most of the grounds that we have been identifying as problem areas in the judgement. The prayers leave much to be desired. I would leave it to our lawyer friends to tell us whether more specific prayers could have been added.I must clarify that I have circulated this attachment in ‘good faith’ a...Read more
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