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South Asia

The Transparency Advisory Group (TAG) in South Asia has recommended making the private sector bodies and political parties subject to right to information laws. These were among a series of just-released recommendations decided on during the group’s sixth meeting, held in February. See detailed report on meeting and summary. The group also addressed the role of the media, gender bias and a variety of ways to improve access to information. The group was set up in 2012 to advise governments and other stakeholders on the establishment and strengthening of RTI regimes in South Asia. Members include retired and serving senior officials, information commissioners, activists and academics from South Asian countries, and from Mexico, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, Singapore and the US. T...Read more
Posted By : Seema Choudhary
This Regional Synthesis Report prepared by Asia Foundation, brings together information collectedthrough country diagnostic studies conducted by The Asia Foundation in partnership with civil society organizations inBangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The country diagnostic studies analyse the state ofcitizens’ access to information, and the implementation and use of RTI legislation in these countries.The findings from the country studies were presented at a regional workshop in Kathmandu forfeedback and discussion of recommendations for country-specific and regional interventions toimprove access to information in South Asia....Read more
Posted By : Seema Choudhary