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Sri Lanka

he President added  that he took measures to curtail executive presidential powers according to the mandate given by the people.  The present government is based on good governance.  The Draft Bill on the right to information will be presented  to parliament shortly.  According to the existing law of the country there will not be any room for the resurgence of  terrorism.  No person will be allowed to erroneously use the democracy and freedom.  The government will constantly appear for freedom and territorial integrity.  Investigations will be conducted through a local mechanism, which complies with the basic law and other laws of the country to inquire into issues that arise regarding human rights.  This mechanism is scheduled to be commenced next month.  The President added t...Read more
Posted By : Seema Choudhary
The Sri Lankan government plans to present the finalized Right to Information Bill and the National Auditing Policy Bill to parliament shortly. The Code of Ethics of parliamentarians that was assigned to be drafted by the Marxist Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) by the National Executive Council (NEC) is also expected to be presented to parliament along with the RTI and National Auditing Policy Bills, sources from the NEC said. For more click on the link below: more
Posted By : Seema Choudhary
Apr 27, Colombo: The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka is to inform the Speaker of parliament and the President of its opinion on the proposed Right to Information (RTI) Bill and the National Audit Bill. The verdict on whether the two pieces of legislation are consistent with the Constitution is to be announced tomorrow. President Maithripala Sirisena has sought the Supreme Court opinion on the two bills. Accordingly, a three judge bench of the Supreme Court presided by Chief Justice K. Sripavan will consider the issue. Other members of the panel of judges are Supreme Court Justice Rohini Marasinghe and Justice Priyantha Jayewardene.   Please find the link below: more
Posted By : Seema Choudhary
While welcoming the Sri Lankan government’s proposed right to information (RTI) law and constitutional amendments, in an analysis released today by the Centre for Law and Democracy (CLD), suggests that the proposed constitutional guarantee needs to be strengthened. “Although it is a late-comer to right to information (RTI), the fact that the Sri Lankan government is moving forward simultaneously with both a constitutional guarantee and legislation is very encouraging”, said Toby Mendel, Executive Director of CLD. “It would be a great shame if this clear demonstration of democratic political will were undermined by rules that failed to conform to international standards.” To read more go to - more
Posted By : Seema Choudhary
Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative has today called upon civil society actors in Sri Lanka to demand the roll back of the regressive restrictions on their Right to Information. Issuing a statement today the CHRI said; “Draft Article 14A has not been placed in the public domain for obtaining people’s views. As RTI is an empowering right, people must be involved fully in its formulation as it is their right. CHRI urges the Government to engage the people of Sri Lanka through a widespread consultative process on the language and contents of Draft Article 14A.” For full statement click: more
Posted By : Seema Choudhary
Welcoming the Sri Lankan government’s moves to enact right to information legislation, this critique of the draft Freedom of Access to Official Information Bill was produced by the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative in 2003. It provides a general framework for what such a bill ought to contain, section-by-section analysis of the draft itself and suggestions for improvement based on international best practice....Read more
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