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User guides and Tips

In this section you will find User Guides and educational material containing Tips for requestors for accessing information under the respective FOI/RTI laws in South Asia.

Posted By : Seema Choudhary
One of the surest ways of ensuring that the J&K RTI Act is properly implemented and serves its purpose of making the government more responsive, is for all of us to use it frequently responsibly and effectively. It is with this aim in mind that CHRI has developed this User’s Guide. The User’s Guide aims to explain: who is covered by the Act; what information is accessible under the Act; how information can be accessed in practice; what options people have if they are not given the information they want; and how people can get involved and ensure the Act is implemented effectively to make the government more accountable, efficient and responsive. ...Read more
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Accountability Lab and Citizens' Campaign for Right to Information came out with a toolkit for investigative journalists after series of in-depth discussions with different stake-holders....Read more
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Summary This manual contains information on various aspects of the Ordinance and how Pakistani citizens can use it to access information and records held by government bodies as stipulated in the Ordinance Rules notified in June 2004.This document is sourced from Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan. more
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This updated user guide is an invaluable resource for individuals, NGOs and governments, whether they seek to use India’s Right to Information Act (2005) or draw on India’s experience under the Act in their own countries. It answers the questions “What is the Right to Information?”, “How can I get the Act to help me?”, “What information can I get?” and covers a range of other issues, from proactive disclosures to the appeals process....Read more
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After the excitement stirred by the passage of India’s Right to Information Act in 2005, this guidance note seeks to clarify the rights, responsibilities and practical operations of the new Information Commissions, whose formation is mandated by the Act at the central and state levels. Drawing on best practice and experience in India and abroad, this resource covers the appeals and complaints procedures, the promotion of the Act, coordination between the different nodal institutions and the sensitive issue of requesting information regarding human rights allegations....Read more
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