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Analysis/Critiques of Rules, Regulations

In this section you will find analysis and critiques of FOI/RTI Rules and Regulations currently being developed in South Asian countries.

Dear all, The homepage of the website of the Uttar Pradesh State Information Commission (UPSIC) displays a set of draft Rules intended to replace those which were notified in 2006 to implement The Right to Information Act, 2005 (RTI Act). It is not clear whether this is an initiative of the UPSIC or the Government of UP which alone has the power to amend RTI Rules under Section 27 of the RTI Act. The deadline for submission is today (20th March). Unfortunately, we found out about these Draft Rules about less than a day ago and have since been working on an analysis and recommendations for change for the use of the RTI fraternity in UP. The Draft Rules are in the first attachment and our analysis and recommendations for change in the second attachment to this email. We have demanded that t...Read more
Posted By : Suchismita Goswami
This book analyses the difficult provisions in the RTI Rules that apply to the various offices of the judiciary in Delhi. It contains analyses and recommendations for improvement i the Rules will encourage each court to review and refine its procedure and adopt liberal and assisting approaches to implement RTI....Read more
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