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Disclosure policies

Several intergovernmental institutions have established their offices to carry out a range of programmes and activities to improve development and governance in South Asia. As these bodies have diplomatic immunity they have no obligation to provide information to citizens under any FOI/RTI law of any country. Nevertheless, several such international bodies have instituted policies for disclosing information about their functioning in order to promote accountability. In this section you will find the full text of the disclosure policies specific to intergovernmental institutions functioning in South Asia.

The Committee of Secretaries of Legislative Department of Ministry of Justice, Government of India on 5th February, 2015 came up with a policy on pre-legislative consultation which is to be invariably followed by every Ministry?Department of Central Government before any legislative proposal is submitted to the Cabinet for consideration and approval. It also requires that the comments/suggestions from the public or the stakeholders should also be made avaible in the public domain. The policy is a commendable initiative in promoting transparency and accountability of the Government....Read more
Posted By : Seema Choudhary
CHRI's Prison Reform Programme was successful in facilitating the proactive disclosure of foreign national prisoners lodged in various jails across Rajasthan on the website of the State Prison Department.   The programme launched its project on reducing pre-trial detention in Rajasthan in 2009 that focused on facilitating legal representation for those who could not afford a lawyer besides pushing for implementation of statutory rights of undertrials. However, working along it was witnessed that another category of prisoners remained in detention unnecessarily. They were prisoners from impoverished countries who had finished their sentence but awaited administrative nods for being repatriated to their countries. They had completed their sentence, paid their fines and yet they suffered f...Read more
Posted By : Suchismita Goswami
The essence and emergence of the right to information lies in empowering individuals to hold public authorities to account and get engaged in exercising own fundamental rights as sovereign citizens. Most probably, the world-known leader Mahatma Gandhi was intending to highlight the importance of self-awareness as strength to check wrongdoings of authorities – a true process of deepening participatory democracy. ‘The real Swaraj will come not by the acquisition of authority by a few but by the acquisition of capacity by all to resist authority when abused.’ –  Mahatma Gandhi It is presumed that an informed citizenry possesses the capacity to ask question to authorities when abused and creates opportunity to participate in decision-making process. The ‘Swaraj’ pre...Read more
Posted By : Suchismita Goswami
The United Nations Development Programme is the UN’s global development network and one of the largest UN agencies. Its Disclosure Policy aims to ensure that information concerning UNDP programmes and operations is available to the public. This document sets out the policy, which builds on principles articulated in the UN Millennium Declaration, the Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development and the Plan of Action on the Information Society....Read more
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The World Bank is one of world’s largest multilateral organisation and a major provider of financial assistance for capital development in developing countries. This document sets out the Bank’s updated disclosure policy (2001), which builds on its original (1994) efforts to make information available to the public and enhance sustainability of development through transparency. The update followed a major review and the document discusses its findings along with a detailed list of information now available from the Bank and the limitations that may be encountered when requesting information....Read more
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