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Discussion Summaries

Summaries of the facilitated discussions generated on the CoP.

May 3 is celebrated all across as the World Press Freedom Day. Across the region in South Asia activists again hammered the importance of free flowing of information. In the region Bhutan and the Maldives made commendable moves recently in passing strong RTI legislations. Srilanka is now the only country in the region without a strong RTI legislation. Recently as according to the attached news item right activist, opposition parliamentarians and journalists signed a public petition in Colombo calling again the country to institute a Right to Information Bill.   We would urge the members in SARTIAN to give relevant ideas and advise about the way forward for Srilanka in lobbying for a strong RTI legislation. ...Read more
Posted By : Suchismita Goswami
Summary6th June 2011: Question 1(a)Are political parties covered by the national access to information (or FOI) law in your country? (b) What are the provisions that govern access to information regarding political parties in your country?Source: CHRI...Read more
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