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Inclusion of a provision on access to information in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals is now considered likely and attention is focusing on how to measure progress toward achieving the goal. Supporters of Goal 16.10 are optimistic that it will be included in the final document, scheduled for adoption by the General Assembly in September. The goal states that all UN members should “ensure public access to information and protect fundamental freedoms, in accordance with national legislation and international agreements.” “The proposed Goal 16 target on access to information now appears safe, rather surprisingly so,” according to a recent article by Bill Orme, the UN representative for the Global Forum for Media Development. “This is a major advance.” “Unle...Read more
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A new rating of open government in the United Kingdom is the vanguard of a much larger evaluative project planned by Transparency International.   The Berlin-based nongovernmental organization already has applied the new methodology to Ghana, Indonesia, Peru and Ukraine, with results to be released soon. Plans for much wider use of the tool are in the works.   The first glimpse of the effort came in the Open Governance Scorecard results for the UK, compiled by Transparency International UK.   For more Please click on the link below: more
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The Ukrainian parliament has passed new laws encouraging the release of government open data and providing more information from the country’s archive of Soviet-era KGB files.Parliament April 9 approved a law to encourage government agencies to publish free operational data, statistics and reports on government websites and the national open data web platform at“The law doesn’t stipulate which categories of data that must be made public, however,” reported Bozhena Sheremeta in The Kyiv Post. “The Cabinet of Ministers must list the types of data that must be public, standards, staffing and responsibility for accuracy. The specifications must be approved in secondary legislation.”In another transparency development, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk announce...Read more
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As the British public finally got a look at memos sent by Prince Charles to government ministers, the re-elected Conservative government indicated its intention to tighten control of the freedom of information law. The release of the royal memos culminating a 10-year legal battle fought by The Guardian newspaper, which finally got to describe the memos: The letters reveal that Charles lobbied ministers, including the former prime minister Tony Blair, on a wide range of issues, including agriculture, the armed forces, architecture and homeopathy. During the long legal tussle, decided only recently by a Supreme Court ruling (See report), Parliament approved an absolute FOIA exemption for the royal family. The ruling in the case challenged the government’s use of the so-...Read more
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The environment and human well-being are inextricably linked. When governments, businesses and others make decisions about land and natural resources, they inevitably impact the health, livelihoods and quality-of-life of local communities. So it stands to reason that the public should have a right to be involved in environmental decision-making—specifically, to know what is at stake, to participate in the decision itself and to have the ability to challenge decisions that disregard human rights or harm ecosystems. These three fundamental rights are known as environmental democracy—and not all nations provide it to their citizens. The new Environmental Democracy Index (EDI) is the first-ever online platform that tracks and scores 70 countries’ progress in enacting national laws that...Read more
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