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Awareness and the scope of RTI is reached out to its users and experts in many different ways. This section opens up the plethora of resources that are used across the South Asian countries to alert people about the update of RTI through newsletters and news update. The different vibrant posters that are used to make the people believe and support RTI. Interviews of eminent activists and experts who believe in RTI. Letters and petitions that are sent across the civil society to protect RTI and stand by accountability and transparency laws.

Calls to action or awareness building for specific RTI issues.

Current evets on RTI events in news outlets and partner websites.

Regular newsletters put out by an organisation that includes articles about RTI.

Documents intended to be printed and posted for advertising including print ads

Communication directed at the news media to announce something related to RTI.

Request by an organisation or a person to a government official or public entity to do something related to RTI.

Interviews of people who work with RTI including but not limited to academics, civil society, civil servants, and RTI users.

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