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This section consists of legal resources relating to Right to Information in South Asia. It includes principles, constitutions, acts, rules, regulations, bills, draft rules and regulations, case laws, analysis of bills, rules, regulations and discussions, disclosure policy.......

FOI/RTI laws lay down the processes for requesting and supplying information. Often the language employed in the texts of the laws, rules and regulations to describe these processes is technical. Governments have a duty to explain these processes in simple words in a language that people understand easily. Civil society organisations have also developed user guides for drafting information requests and letters of appeal or complaint if information is not provided. In this section you will find guides and FAQs published by governments and civil society for the assistance of citizens and public authorities.

RTI is being used, talked about, discussed through conference, workshops seminars as well as assessment and monitoring reports.

Awareness and the scope of RTI is reached out to its users and experts in many different ways. This section opens up the plethora of resources that are used across the South Asian countries to alert people about the update of RTI through newsletters and news update. The different vibrant posters that are used to make the people believe and support RTI. Interviews of eminent activists and experts who believe in RTI. Letters and petitions that are sent across the civil society to protect RTI and stand by accountability and transparency laws.

IEC Materials

In this section you would find compilation of publications focusing on the case studies about RTI across the region. This section is extremely useful for users, campaigners, experts who are engaged in RTI. It is defiantly a valuable resource sharing stories of the wider scope of RTI and its strength to address the discrepancies that are spread across our society.

In this section we are sharing with you the different kinds of training modules that are used across South Asia. This section deals with the teaching modules which answers the key questions raised through RTI.

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