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The environment and human well-being are inextricably linked. When governments, businesses and others make decisions about land and natural resources, they inevitably impact the health, livelihoods and quality-of-life of local communities. So it stands to reason that the public should have a right to be involved in environmental decision-

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As the British public finally got a look at memos sent by Prince Charles to government ministers, the re-elected Conservative government indicated its intention to tighten control of the freedom of information law.

The release of the royal memos culminating a 10-year legal battle fought by The Guardian newspaper, which fin

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The Ukrainian parliament has passed new laws encouraging the release of government open data and providing more information from the country’s archive of Soviet-era KGB files.

Parliament April 9 approved a law to encourage government agencies to publish free operational data, statistics and reports on government websites and the national open data web platform at

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Thirty-five information commissioners from 25 countries, meeting April 21 in Santiago, Chile, “expressed concern” regarding “some important challenges” to the right to information.

In particular, the commissioners identified:

The contin

A new rating of open government in the United Kingdom is the vanguard of a much larger evaluative project planned by Transparency International.


The Berlin-based nongovernmental organization already has applied the new methodology to Ghana, Indonesia, Peru and Ukraine, with results to be released soon. Plans for much wider use of the tool are in the works.


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Inclusion of a provision on access to information in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals is now considered likely and attention is focusing on how to measure progress toward achieving the goal.

Supporters of Goal 16.10 are optimistic that it will be included in the final document, scheduled for adoption by

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An open government – conventionally understood as a government that
that shares information, empowers people with tools to hold the government
accountable, and fosters citizen participation in public policy deliberations – is a
necessary component of a system of government founded on the rule of law.

In the South Asian Region the top three countries were India (37th r

Dear all,

This is pathbreaking news from the European Union. The European Parliament has voted to make clinical trial data public 2016 onwards. Ms. Helen Darbishire, Executive Director Access Info Europe has circulated a news report about this matter below. A Reuters news reoprt on the same subject may be accessed at: 
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The publication of links between government ministries and outside companies and organizations is a necessary measure for a transparent and cleaner governmental culture. Since a democracy needs transparency to function properly, this

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Thursday, 17 July 2014 16:02

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