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Thursday, 27 November 2014 12:05

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Maldives is gearing up for implementing Right to Information.

Public Lecture is an important tool to create awareness. Do Participate in this lecture Maldivians interested in RTI!

American Center hosts a public lecture in collaboration with Information Commissioner’s Office, Your Right to Information.

This lecture is designed for members of the public, students, NGO

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Access to information (ATI) is not simply a piece of legislation. A country’s passing of such an act signals a change in culture from one of secrecy to one of transparency, and a strengthening of democracy.

ATI is the freedom of citizens to access information held by public bodies, and is quickly becoming a global standard, with the Maldives becoming the

Transparency Maldives conducted a nationwide random survey of the Maldivian public in August 2013. The survey used repeatedly tested survey questions and the results are reliable within a margin of error of 

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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 11:06

After years of persistent campaigning by our partners - Transparency Maldives (TM) and their partners have been successful in getting the access to information Bill approved by the Parliament in Maldives on 29th December 2013. The Press Re

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Monday, 08 July 2013 12:00

 Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative in partnership with Transparency Maldives conducted training of trainers for access to information champions in the Maldives. This includes the Local Government Authority, Human Rights Commission, Ministry of Gender, community theater group, law students, and other NGO

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Transparency Maldives developed a Position Paper (Dhivehi Language) based on the previously submitted comments on the RTI draft bill by TM to the parliament and international best practices. The Paper lays out the fundamental principles on freedom of information that a well-functioning RTI legislation must uphold. The Ministry of Ge

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Monday, 01 April 2013 10:15



Now you can listen to our second Right to Information (RTI) radio program on "Importance of an RTI Law in Democratic Countries and the  role of RTI on Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability," via our podcast. This episode was first broadcast live on

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