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Right to information legislation promised by the new president has not passed in Sri Lanka, a victim of political differences over electoral reform that led President Maitripala Siri

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The right to information bill in Sri Lanka has lost momentum, according to several persons following the legislation that the new government said would pass in the first 100 days.

Political attention has turned to the 20th Amendment to the Constitution concerning the election system.

The RTI bill “was presented and approved by the Cabinet but the Government is hesitant to tabl

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As suggested by the 19th Amendment, on the 3rd of this month, the speaker of Parliament convened Parliament to finalise the members of the Constitutional Council. During this meeting, a few names were nominated for membership into this Council, including 3 representatives from civil society namely Radhika Coomaraswamy, A.W. A. Salam and Dr A.T. Ariyarathne. There seemed to

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he President added  that he took measures to curtail executive presidential powers according to the mandate given by the people.  The present government is based on good governance.  The Draft Bill on the right to information will be presented  to parliament shortly.  According to the existing law of the country there will not be any room for the resurgence of  terrorism.  No person will

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The Sri Lankan government plans to present the finalized Right to Information Bill and the National Auditing Policy Bill to parliament shortly.

The Code of Ethics of parliamentarians that was assigned to be drafted by the Marxist Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) by the National Executive Council (NEC) is also expected to be presented to parliament along with the RTI and National Auditing

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The Right to Information Bill which was once again presented by the Prime Minister with amendments, has been approved by the cabinet. The statement informing of cabinet decisions reads that a decision was taken to table the bill in parliament under general procedures.

Expressing their vehement objections in Parliament recently, opposition MPs charged that the prime minister had forwarde

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Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday said in Parliament that the 19th Amendment to the Constitution would only be effective from April 30 if the Bill was passed with a two thirds majority in Parliament today. The Prime Minister said this provision was included in the Bill to provide space to present the Right to Information Bill and National Audit Commission Bill as urgent bills in Par

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Apr 27, Colombo: The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka is to inform the Speaker of parliament and the President of its opinion on the proposed Right to Information (RTI) Bill and the National Audit Bill.

The verdic

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The tabling of the Right to Information Bill was debated as an urgent bill in Parliament on Monday, as the opposition charged that the bill has already been referred to the Supreme Court without the Parliament being informed.

Speaking on the matter, the Leader of the House, Lakshman Kiriella noted that they are prepared to present the bill to parliament following the determination of t

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Monday, 27 April 2015 09:55

Sri Lanka may soon have its own RTI (Right to Information) law.


Called the “Right to Know Information” legislation, the proposed law is part of the new regime’s 100 Days Programme.


On Thursday, the present coalition government, comprising members of the two principal parties, Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and th

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