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The Punjab Local Government (Amendment) Ordinance along with The Lahore Development Authority Ordinance 2013;The Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Ordinance; The Provincial Employees Social Security (Amendment ) Ordinance 2013 were laid in Punjab Assembly on Friday by Law Minister Rana Sanaullah. Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal referred the ordinances to special committees for vetting.  Responding to a call attention notice regarding recent Rawalpindi incident Rana Sanaullah stated that those involved in the riots and killings would be brought to justice. He said that the government was waiting for the Judicial Commission's probe report on the incident.  Regarding snake biting incidents in the province, the house was informed that vaccine for snake bite was available in all dist
Monday, 02 December 2013 11:49

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The e-Panchayat project, implemented with a tech solution from the National Informatics Centre, is a positive development. India’s right to information is perhaps a hallmark law, considering the fact that in the 21st century information is the basis of equity, empowerment, rights and access. While the law has caught the imagination of the people, it is still limited by at least two factors: lack of information access and communication infrastructure, and adoption as a proactive practice rather than reactive obligation. We have been advocating for a long time that unless we have seamless digital and Internet infrastructure, the pervasive adoption of the transparency law cannot be achieved. Unless the people have the means to either access or consume information, even if they have rights
Monday, 02 December 2013 11:48

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The Development, Environment, Legal Aid, Technical Support and Advocacy Association (Delta), a non-governmental organisation, demanded to Right To Information (RTI) law, to be extended to Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata), to give right to tribesmen for accessing of basic information. The organisation in a press release issued on Saturday said the rights provided under the RTI Act, should be also be provided to the residents of Fata.    It further said this can be accorded through extending the legislation to cover the area of Fata through a presidential notification. The organisation said as per Article 19-A of the Constitution, it is the fundamental right of all citizens to have access to information at federal and provincial levels. The KPK government's newly promulgated Ri
Monday, 29 July 2013 15:37

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DHAKA: The Prime Minister has emphasised a set of guidelines for the print and electronic media to make them accountable. Sheikh Hasina said a ‘refined guideline’ was very much needed. “Every country has such guidelines. News outlets like the CNN, the BBC run on them … we need a proper policy and need it soon,” she said at a programme in Dhaka on Sunday. She handed over cheques to journalists and families of those media people who had been killed, injured, or were in financial difficulty. Only 53 persons out of 157 journalists and their family members turned out to receive assistance. The Prime Minister complained about the information ministry’s procrastination on formulating the policy and said she would ask them to do it quickly. She emphasised ensuring the accountabili
  BANGLADESH enacted its Right to Information Act in 2009. However more than three years following its enactment, very little is known about what the law means and what it can do to improve people’s life and governance in the country. Except for a handful of civil society groups and people, the masses remain ignorant about the existence of such a law. Additionally an important body like the Information Commission (IC) that is mandated to “increase public awareness on right to information” also remains little known across the country and can do much more to popularise the access law. Since its passage very little information requests have been filed. This has been compounded by the fact that majority of the population live below poverty line with high illiteracy rate. It is in th