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The new SARTIAN Platform

In 2012, SARTIAN moved to its permanent home on the web, Over a six month period, we took feedback and comments from users from across the region and are pleased to launch our new and improved online platform.

A brighter, more accessible homepage

  • Visitors can instantly get a clear snapshot of the latest news, resources and discussions when they reach the site.
  • A new events calendar makes it easier to find out what’s going on, when and where.
  • Signing in and registering have never been easier.

Cleaner, easier navigation

  •  Users will never need to worry about getting lost as the new menus mean you can reach any part of the site from any other part of the site.
  • Resources, news and discussions are more easily searchable with the new classification and tagging system.

 Focus on what matters

  • Dedicated sections of the site focus on the issue areas highlighted by network members as important.

A better discussion forum

  • New, easier commenting system includes direct replies to earlier comments
  • User profiles allow direct interaction between members

Easier user input

  • Users can upload resources, news and share events with the rest of the platform directly from the home page.

Mobile friendly

  • The new site works with iOS and Android.


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DATED: Monday, 06 May 2013 12:50
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