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Directory of SARTIAN's Member Organisations




Integrity Watch Afghanistan

·         Increase transparency, integrity and accountability in Afghanistan through the provision of policy-oriented research, development of training tools and facilitation of policy dialogue

Civil Society and Human Rights Network

·         An umbrella for 58 Afghan civil society organizations that work for human rights, democracy, respect for the rule of law, and for a state committed to a culture of human rights.





Transparency International Bangladesh

·         to work against corruption

·         to initiate progranmes for policy change and industrial reforms

·         to promote good governance

·         to impart information to aware the citizens

·         to maintains transparency and accountability by public particaption

·         to promote justice and human security


Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of Bangladesh

·         to audit government receipts

·         to ascertain expenditure

·         to determine the scope and extent of audit

·         to disseminate information as required under the Right to Information Act 2009

·         to address queries of offices lacking their website


Integrated Social Development Effort (ISDE)

  • to facilitate socio-economic change
  • to reduce poverty and hunger
  • to improve health and hygiene
  • to empower them women and children
  • to construct self help institutions for the same
  • to aid in supporting women’s income, employment and skill creation
  • to provide non-formal education
  • to meet dangers posed by climate change
  • to provide reproductive healthcare
  • to increase women’s participation
  • to assimilate people with disabilities in community development


Society for Media and Suitable Human-Communication Techniques

  • to employ media and communication as a tool for socio-economic development
  • to increase public participation in the print and electronic media
  • to enable people access to knowledge and information
  • to uphold the rights and dignity of all individuals
  • conducts training on Right to Information (RTI) for media, government and non-government sectors


UNDP Bangladesh

  • to assist people in building a better life
  • to provide solutions to global and national development challenges
  • to thrive towards economic and social development in Bangladesh


BRAC University

  • to foster national development
  • to augment excellence in higher education
  • to contribute in learning and professional development
  • to provide an environment to further endorse the same


Nijera Kori

  • to organize landless organisations
  • to initiate landless group training activities
  • to participate in national and international network and advocacy initiative
  • to build supportive coalitions with civil society groups
  • to enable public interest litigation
  • to advise in policy making processes
  • to organize local level consultations to influence public policy


Affiliated Network for Social Accountability

  • to promote and strengthen social accountability
  • to improve people's welfare
  • to protect people's rights and entitlements
  • to enhance governance initiatives in South Asia


Centre for Disability in Development

  • to include disability issues in mainstream development
  • to enable persons with disabilities to obtain equal opportunities and full participation
  • to aim at providing equal opportunities to the same
  • to maintain transparency and accountability


Resource Study and Management Centre

  • capacity building of the neglected sections
  • to prepare development schemes pertaining to education and culture development, income generation, farm raising, environmental protection, child rights and women rights, conflict resolution etc
  • to increase participation of the common masses in leadership and decision making process
  • to ensure education of girl children
  • to bridge the psychological and ideological gap between individuals


Manusher Jonno Foundaton

  • to promote ‘human rights’ and ‘good governance’
  • to support organizations working on the same
  • to challenge the vested interests and established hierarchies that perpetuate poverty
  • to monitor the human rights and governance situation in the country
  • to facilitate coherence of the same


Dr. Kamal Hossain & Associates 

  • to provide legal services
  • to encourage and support its members in providing pro bono advice and representation in public interest litigation and human rights cases






Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy

  • To create a responsible citizenry that will actively engage in the practices of democracy 
  • To create public spaces for civic discourse
  • To strengthen the institutions of civil society





National RTI Forum

·         to connect all the RTI activists

·         to check transparency in governments

·         to initiate anti-corruption campaigns

·         to look into the training, guidance, support and security related aspects of the RTI activists


High Court of Gujarat

·         to impart and uphold justice

·         to interpret legislations for the general good of the society


OneWorld Foundation India

·         to connect diverse communities

·         to empower people


West bangal RTI Manch

·         to impart the scope and extent of the Right to Information Act 2005

·         to enable citizens to acquire any information from the government including documents

·         to inspect any government document\t

·         to demand sample material of any government work


Transparency Advisory Group

·         to inculcate an interest in transparency and the right to information

·         to promote transparency in governance by advising and lobbying governments and other stakeholders

·         to conduct research and organize meetings and consultations on transparency related issues


Centre for Resource Management, Odisha

·         to manage the local resources for development

·         to fulfill the above through campaigning, policy/action research, media advocacy and networking


Orissa Information Commission

·         to receive Complaints and Second Appeals, as vested by the Right to Information Act 2005

·         to provide relief to the Complainants and Appellants in accordance with the provisions of the RTI Act, 2005


Centre for Consumer Action, Research & Training

·        to guarantee consumer protection and consumer safety

·        to aid in international trade and development

·        to assist in competition, investment and economic regulation

·        to support human development


Excel Engineers and Consultant

·         Construction Management Services

·         Consultants For Distillerey

·         Engineering Consultancy Services

·         Feasibility Study Consultancy Services

·         Process Design Consultancy Services

·         Procurement Management Services

·        Project Management Services


Thapar & Associates

·         to protect confidential information

·         to render legal services


Rajasthan Information Commision

·         it is the final appellate authority with regard to the matters mentioned in RTI Act, 2005

·         it’s decisions is final and binding

·         is empowered to receive and enquire into a complaint from a person who has been unable to obtain information from Public Information Officer or if the same has refused to accept his/her application for information or appeal under this Act


M/S Sachin Oil Industries


Empower India

  • to create ensure gender empowerment leading to sustainable and quality livelihood
  • to facilitate the community to enable them toh make their own choices


Future of the United Nations Development System

·         to make the UN development system more effective and responsive to global challenges







Transparency Maldives

·         Spark reforms that improve transparency and accountability in all sectors

·         Raise public awareness of and initiate public discussion on corruption and its detrimental effects on society and development

·         Collaborate with individuals and groups from government, businesses, media, and civil society, among others, in the fight against corruption






Freedom Forum

·         Strengthening democracy in Nepal

·         Nurturing human rights as outlined in the Universal Declaration

·         Protection of free press, freedom of information, and right to information to strengthen Nepal’s mass media

Citizens' Campaign for Right to Information

·         Promotion, support and protection of RTI

·         Monitor implementation of RTI in Nepal

·         To lobby and campaign for the establishment and adoption of required institutional as well as legal instruments and mechanisms to promote RTI

·         Promote good governance and transparency through RTI





Internews Pakistan

·         Train and support citizens and media professionals to strengthen local media capacity

·         Expand access to information

·         Advocate for fair media laws and policies

Society of Human Rights and Prisoners' Aid

·         Work for empowerment of society, especially vulnerable sectors, through advocacy and awareness campaigns

·         Establish child-care centres

·         Develop awareness of human rights

·         Provide legal assistance to disadvantaged groups

·         Advocate for strengthened human rights law

Our Right to Know, Campaign for RTI

·         Promote and nurture a culture of conducive for citizens’ Right to Know

·         Facilitate the citizens to lobby for effective and operational access to information regime and make best use of existing opportunities

Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan

·         Articulate and promote the interests and rights of citizens and consumers at all socio-economic levels, with a particular emphasis on the inarticulate and disadvantaged groups

·         Facilitate the emergence of an organized movement in Pakistan, so that the citizens can have legally enforceable rights as consumers

Centre for Governance and Public Accountability

·         Policy research and advocacy for effective right to information laws

·         Civil society capacity building and networking

·         Strengthening demand for RTI through awareness raising

·         Strengthening democratic institution, including decentralization of power and accountable local governance

·         Promotion of pluralism, peace and stability

·         Promotion of accountable governance

Rural Initiatives in Sustainability and Empowerment

·         Empower disadvantaged sectors

·         Strengthen capacity of partner CBOs and NGOs to manage and sustain the development initiatives

·         Strengthen capacity of Community activists so that they play their role as agents of change in their communities for promotion and protection of Human Rights, Tolerance and Pluralism

Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives

Research-based advocacy and watchdog in five sectors:

·         Transparency and RTI, including advocacy and awareness-raising

·         Promotion of peace and tolerance

·         Rule of law

·         Budget watch, monitoring and demanding transparency at various levels of governance

·         Legislative watch and democratic development, including analysis of legislative performance

Shehri CBE

·         Establishcivil society, good governance, transparency and rule of law

·         Promote urban pollution control

·         Promote initiatives in the areas of Recreational Development, Heritage Conservation

·         Setting up an effective and representative local government system (capacity building and training)

·         Working towards the preparation and implementation of a proper Master Plan / Zoning Plan for Karachi city

·         Working towards the establishment of a proper recreational infrastructure for Karachi city

·         Promoting tolerance and respect of human rights






International Centre for Ethnic Studies

·         Promote justice, equity and peaceful coexistence through research-based advocacy, and interdisciplinary knowledge-sharing and dissemination, ranging from academic publications to artistic endeavours


Transparency International

·         Increase understanding of corruption

·         Strengthen anti-corruption structures and processes

·         Work towards integrity in government







Simon Fraser University


  • To augment innovative education, cutting-edge research and community outreach
  • To impart to its student such knowledge which will help them reach out to the community at large

Centre for Law and Democracy

  • To promote, protect and develop those human rights which serve as the foundation for democracy, including the rights to freedom of expression, to vote and participate in governance, to access information and to freedom of assembly and        association
  • To inculcate a respect for all human rights which will lead to social justice and equality
  • To use research and technical assistance to help governments and officials around the world to uphold international and constitutional standards regarding human rights






Jamaicans For Justice

  • To promote state transparency, accountability and overall good governance with a primary focus on victims whose rights have been breached by agents of the state
  • To fulfill its vision of effecting change in Jamaica’s political, social and economic systems by developing a proactive human rights education and advocacy programme





Action Aid International

  • To make states and their institutions accountable and democratic
  • To promote, protect and fulfill the human rights of everyone
  • To work with poor and excluded people to eradicate poverty and injustice




International Campaign to Ban Landmines

  • To advocate an effective ban on landmines and cluster munitions
  • To ensure the implementation of the points laid down in the Mine Ban Treaty, 1997





Open Society Foundations

  • To uphold the right to speak and to know—in order to support public involvement in government and accountability
  • To challenge corruption and human rights abuses
  • To protect and improve the lives of people in marginalized communities
  • To support efforts to create a more just world
  • To advance open society values

  • To advocate the freedom of information worldwide
  • To describe best practices, consolidate lessons learned, explain campaign strategies and tactics, and link the efforts of freedom of information advocates around the world

World Bank

  • To reduce poverty in middle-income and creditworthy poorer countries
  • To identify the key areas in which a country can be best supported in reducing poverty and achieving sustainable development

World Bank Institute

  • To promote transparency in government, access to the latest global knowledge, and using innovative ways to solve development challenges
  • To provide learning programs, policy advice and technical assistance to policy makers, government and non-government agencies





Department of International Development

  • To lead the UK’s work to end extreme poverty
  • To end the need for aid by creating jobs, unlocking the potential of girls and women and helping to save lives when humanitarian emergencies hit
  • To secure global safety by preventing countries and terrorists access to the materials needed for weapons of mass destruction







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