Vinland Saga season 3 Release Date

Vinland Saga season 3 Release Date 2024, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Everything you need to know

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Vinland narrative fans are accustomed to adversity, and not just because of what Thorfinn Thordarson has had to go through during this truly epic narrative.

After season one debuted in 2019, fans had to wait four years for season two. But it was well worth the wait. While casual anime fans adore shows like Demon Slayer (and rightfully so), those in the know will be the first to point out how unique Vinland Saga is, especially with this nearly flawless second season. It is unquestionably one of the best anime shows on Netflix.

That means Vinland Saga season three is at the top of our wish list, but will it ever arrive? And if so, when? Grab an axe and a scrunchy for all that long, scraggly hair as we reveal everything you need to know about the third season of Vinland Saga.

Vinland Saga season 3 Release Date 2024 & 2025

After Vinland Saga began in 2019, the second season was not formally announced until 2022, and it was released in full this year. That means a third season may not be confirmed until 2024, with a 2025 release date (assuming no further COVID-related delays).

So far, less than 100 chapters of Makoto Yukimura’s original manga have been adapted, leaving enough of storylines for a third season and beyond. Let’s hope that a renewal occurs.

Vinland Saga season 3 Release Date

Takahiko Abiru, the character designer for Vinland Saga, seemed optimistic, as he took the opportunity to thank the people who worked on the most recent season while also hinting that Thorfinn’s voyage “will continue”.

“My gratitude goes to you as all staff members were able to continue making this work without giving up until today,” he tweeted following the release of season two. “I’d like to express my gratitude to all of the VINLAND SAGA fans worldwide. Thank you so much! Thorfinn’s voyage will continue.

It may not be an official confirmation, but it is undoubtedly promising. In any case, we will keep you updated as soon as we have additional information.

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Vinland Saga season 3 cast: Who’s in Vinland Saga season 3?

Unless there are any complications behind the scenes, most of these Japanese and English voice performers will repeat their roles in Vinland Saga season 3.

• Thorfinn Thordarson – Yuto Uemura / Aleks Le (English)
• Einar – Shunsuke Takeuchi / Alejandro Saab (English)
• Canute – Kensho Ono / Griffin Burns (English)
• Thorkell – Akio Otsuka / Patrick Seitz (English)
• Leif Erikson – Yoji Ueda / John Swasey (English)

Even those who were assumed to be gone are likely to return in flashbacks or nightmarish dream sequences, something this program can’t get enough of.

A slew of new voice actors will join the ensemble as Thorfinn explores the world, so expect to hear more about this as season three approaches.

Vinland Saga season 3 plot: What will happen in Vinland Saga season 3?

After Thorfinn and Einar met as slaves on the Ketil farm in season two, season three should chronicle their voyage in the Eastern Expedition Arc, if the show continues to follow the original manga as faithfully as it has so far.

The Eastern Expedition is described in chapters 100–166 of the source material, which is compiled in volumes 8–14.

The arc sees the couple travel to Greece to fund their ambition of establishing a house in Vinland. The perilous voyage that follows sees them meet a slew of new individuals and, predictably, become embroiled in a battle between opposing Jomsviking tribes.

If anyone can make it through, it’s our favourite bromance, #Thornar, as we’ll call them from now on.

Vinland Saga season 3 trailer: Any Vinland Saga season 3 footage yet?

Season three of Vinland Saga has not yet been confirmed; however, once it is, you can return to this page for comprehensive information regarding the upcoming season. Additionally, feel free to unleash your inner berserker if we neglect.


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